Tonkin Bamboo isn’t a carnivorous plant, but you’ll spend so much time in your shop working with bamboo that people may wonder…

The Peak Bamboo Mission is to provide the highest quality Tonkin bamboo available anywhere in the world, to craftsmen around the globe, by taking the guesswork and gambling out of the bamboo buying process.

Familiarize yourself with our graded bamboo and our people. Here, we discuss everything that goes into successfully shipping you the best product we can.  We’ll help you to prepare for your first Peak Bamboo order, especially if you’re wondering what makes our Tonkin exceptional.   We look forward to helping you build the finest rods ever made, and building inventories from future harvests so that you can count on our support for years to come.

peak bamboo

Our Nine Grading Attributes

Our Grading attributes. There are nine of them that Russ pays close attention to while assigning grades to our inventory.

Peak Bamboo – The Nine Attributes

Russ Gooding, Founder and Grader

Who is this guy, and what qualifies him to assign a grade to my precious bamboo?

Peak Bamboo – Founder

Benefits of buying from Peak Bamboo

In addition to our top-quality stock, here are some bonus reasons why you might consider purchasing from us.

Peak Bamboo – Benefits

Inventory Philosophy

A discussion on how much you can expect us to have and how much you should think about keeping on hand.

Peak Bamboo – Inventory

Sales Terms

A discussion on our expected mutual understanding when you order Peak Bamboo.

Peak Bamboo – Terms