The 2017 Bash has been CANCELLED.  Details to follow.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We’re extremely sorry to report that our 2017 Bamboo & Glass Bash has suffered a massive setback.  The State of Pennsylvania has decided to replace the large bridge (Route 322) which is adjacent to the meadow at Sycamore Mill.  They have informed our landlord that our large, level, floodplain will be used for the storage of materials and the parking of heavy equipment during the yearlong process of tearing down and rebuilding the 322 bridge over The Middle Creek which bounds the back of the meadow.  While they have not determined how much of the meadow they will use, it will be a significant portion and it will be in use for construction purposes during our planned Bash dates.  This is extremely frustrating because we just had our tickets printed and were in the final stages of plotting our role out of ticket sales.  We will keep the Bash web sites up to keep folks informed of our future plans and future dates!


Thanks so much for your interest and for your understanding.